You must be wondering how the glass blowing pipes became as they are today. As mentioned earlier, the blowing pipes date way back. Historians believe that glass; a component that occurs naturally near volcanoes was first used to create jewelry and accessories in the coastal Mesopotamia around 2500-1500 BCE straight into the Hellenistic Period of Ancient Rome. It was in Rome that glasses were shaped and reshaped while in its warm molten form by blowing into it using a blowpipe. To date, this method is still practiced by glass blowers.

First discovery

In the olden days, it is known that dry herbs traced back to Central Asia and Africa were used in smoking mainly by tribal chiefs and clansmen. The first blowing pipes and bongs were discovered Ethiopian cave and were dated back to between 1100 and 1400 CE. Initially, pipes and bongs found were made out of animal horns, pottery and some out of bamboo.

Growth of the industry

As the tobacco and glass industry developed and rose in popularity especially in the 19th century, so did glassblowing however in the 20th century the industry came to drastic end. In 1960s and 70s, the practice began to slowly catch on and by the late 90s, glass pipes and bong were being sold across the country. The industry seemed to have a bright future until 2003 when all sales of blowing pipes and bong were banned a time at which the industry was approximately valued at $1 billion per year.

Today, the industry is back up with explosive profit margins as most of the retailers dealing in blowing pipes and bong selling them specifically for legal use of tobacco only.

The art and craft of glassblowing

Glass blowers are no longer bound to using regular boring blowing pipes and bongs as the current making of these products has become a work of art. These days, the appearance of the pipes from their styles, changing colors, varying patterns and shapes, to their methods of diffusion is exhilarating.

Artists around the globe challenge themselves regularly to come up with better craftsmanship of the blowing pipes. There are a number of coveted art pieces up for display in several art shows with incredible touches and more owned by the lucky few. Glass blowing has grown into an arts and craft industry, keen to detail as it enhances that artistic feel for the glass blowers.

There is a whole community of artists who have dedicated their time and resources to creating a glass blowing pipe that is on its own new artistic level. The competition in this unique new type of artistry is appealing as artists stretch their limits and upgrade levels of creativity to beautiful outcomes. When you actually think about it, for the artists of glass blowing pipes and bongs, the possible outcome is quite endless as we can only look forward to more advanced and appealing art pieces.