The art of making glass is one that dates back several centuries ago however as history states glass blowing and bongs was not in existent until in the recent past and it has now become not only a popular activity among various communities but also has been graded as a fascinating work of art.

Unlike in the past, today, glass blowing pipes and bongs are manufactured using modern sophisticated machinery and that also use advanced technology in the making. The first ever glass blowing pipes and bongs to be discovered are said to have been modeled and created out of animal horns and a form of ancient pottery. These antiques were found in a cave where most of them were dug into the ground for the purpose of creating a cooling system.

Over the years, a community of glass blowers was created and the activity spread across the world map from Africa to Europe. As noted in the history pages, the Silk Road played part in the success of the glass blowing and bongs industry especially at a time when tobacco became a cash crop due to the settlement of Europeans in America and the glass industry was facing immense growth.

Popularity of glass blowing

Glass blowing pipes are available in a range of models, sizes, shapes, and color. Glassblowers like any other customer or client in the market have varying needs and demands. Every preference is met by manufacturers of the pipes and bongs with some stretching an extra mile to personalize the products for their clients on demand. The major reason why glass blowing has become so popular is that using glass to make the pipes and bongs is beneficial for the glassblower as glass does not burn hence the flavor is not tampered with and remains in its purest of form. Learn more about glass bong devices here:

Today, glassblowing is popular across several countries and with everyone being fascinated with the Do It Yourself projects; this industry too has grown towards the trend. Despite the art being new creation of handmade glass blowing pipes has become a popular trend however one needs to take all necessary precautions before engaging in such an activity for instance a functional ventilation system, protective glasses among others. Handmade glass blowing pipes cost a fortune but for some the cost is worth it as they view it as an opportunity to express their inner artist freely.